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May 30, 2006


Liz Strauss

Thanks for noticing.
What I like is that the only time you see this kind of conversation anywhere else is usually about folks crowding around to say not very nice things about someone. We're just hanging out and being bloggers being people having fun.

thanks again for noticing.

mike dunn

absolutely - the absense of negativity is a very cool thing...

Ben Yoskovitz

Does that make me one of the minions?


I'm happy to be one of Liz's minions. The conversation is fun, and oftentimes informative too. But always fun, first and foremost.


Another of the minions heard from...
That's one of the nicer things about Liz's Blog, you can always have a good and sometimes silly conversation, but you meet people from all over the world while doing it.

Liz Strauss

They're not minions, no matter what they say. They're people and really good ones. We all are. That's what makes it fun.

mike dunn

concur - minions was used in an endearing way of course...

Liz Strauss

Of course, it was, Mike. I wouldn't have thought it any other way. They obviously thought so too. You're a great guy to even think to mention it.

Ariane Benefit

Personally, I consider myself one of Liz's disciples. Her warmth and attention are addictive! : )

mike dunn

hummm - minions, legions of terror, disciples - definately going in the right direction :)

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