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May 05, 2007


Evo Terra

What a great write up. Thanks very much for adding to the conversation about the power of podcasting and how authors can take advantage of it. Oh, and obviously for pimping!


mike dunn

sure thing evo, i'm definitely developing a passion for all things digital and away from physical - w/ audiobooks leading the way and doing the best job in that media type...

John Lenahan

Thanks for listening and thanks for the plug.

John (Shadowmagic) Lenahan

mike dunn

i loved the story john and glad to hopefully turn others on to it - looking forward to future podcast stories from you too...


Thanks muchly for listing The Plitone Revisionist (which is now complete at

mike dunn

plitone revisionist is a great story well told by you on the podcast paul - looking forward to more from you...

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