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January 14, 2008



You mentioned some social networking sites - they are certainly taking over a lot of my web time... Since you are involved in marketing, and a lot of readers I'm sure are as well, here is a link to the CMO (Chief marketing Officer) networking group on Linkedin. It is only for executives within marketing, but if that's you, please check it out:

mike dunn

lol - i'm actually not directly involved in marketing but somehow awhile back i got labeled a cmo, even though my background is as a cto...

anyway, thanks for the comment and hope those who are cmo-types join your group, looks like a good resource...

Scott Beatty

mike - my question is when is the breaking point? how much is too much? I think fragmentation is close to that point.....I'm on the path of less is more.

btw - thats a great product idea - I wonder if Open ID or FOAF will get there?

Lijit does a good job to collate all your web 2.0 interactions.

Happy Riding - Go Pats ;)

Charlie Nichols

Hey Mike,

It's been a while since I've stopped by, nice to see some of your posts/thinking. 8-)

I've been thinking about a "me-centric" hub for social/collaborative media. As you point out, "I" have to go to each site and reenter all my logins/passes, (a pain unless they support Openid) all my contact info and personal data, not to mention all the contacts/connections.

An app that could help you map fields to fields(like a database ETL matching tool) and update your info... then give you a single "my stuff" page where you could see all updates, comments, connections, etc. for each of your sites, then quickly participate in the converstation/action, without logging in. Then quickly back to your "my stuff" page to move on to the next activity, blog, connect, comment, upload, etc.

Sites like FriendFeed and Social URL are close, but I don't think they go far enough... They are hubs, but don't bring in data quite simply enough, or not at all. There is a company called Yodlee that sells similar software to banks, to bring together their customers financial info. It works with different accounts, credit cards, airline miles accounts and more. But the key is that you see the most recent data in ONE page... nice and simple! I really like the control and "dashboard" of my financial activity it offers.

Anyway, it can be done, just takes the team to do it!

Maybe I should get to work... 8-)

Anyway, Have a great week, hope to catch up soon!

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